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Omkarah Yoga Mandiram (OYM) organization established under the Omkarah Trust, Which the Registered charitable Organization with the govt. of Uttrakhand India, Our headquarter is located on the banks of holy Mother Ganga in the yoga capital of the world called Rishikesh. OYM is an international, socio-spiritual and educational Gurukulam. We render selfless service to an individual, to society in the areas of education and practices in Yoga in the tradition. It is a non-profit organization that strives for the highest ideals for a healthy well rounded living.
Omkarah Yoga Mandiram takes great pride in presenting the Yoga teachings and tradition of the ancient practice, with devoted Gurus, Acharyas and teachers who are engaged with and in the tradition.
O?kara? Yoga's sincere attempt is to effort, to address the needs for ensuring that the space for learning, healing and teaching is safe and the teachings are imparted in a manner that is ethical and consistent with the principles of YOGA in the wake of "WHAT IS NOT YOGA". Therefore it is necessary to take a stand to educate people and inform them so that they can make the right choices with the right people and such control is necessary.
It's unfortunate that the very path that is supposed to alleviate pain and suffering to give us happiness and a direction in life has actually become the source of greater suffering, distrust and disillusionment for many people around the world. Yoga is a method of transformation of the human system impacting at all levels of being, that includes the body, mind, personality, emotions, and their interactions.

Yoga recognizes that a pure consciousness exists within each individual and is also influenced by all levels of being of a person. The teachings and the practice of Yoga emerged before the Vedas and other classical texts and with a rich oral tradition. Yoga is a living tradition, meaning that as students gain new insight into its teachings, they grow into teachers keeping its practices relevant in the tradition.

Yoga teachers and students are personally responsible for their right practice and teachings. This means they are answerable for their actions in not doing what is not Yoga. They must recognize their ethical and moral responsibility to maintain the standards and of conduct and of personal and professional development. It is to commit themselves to the continual examination of their actions, motives and attitudes in their personal and professional life to support the safety and welfare of others and to nurture the effective practice of YOGA in the traditional way.

O?kara? Yoga Mandira? rests on the ability of success and an example to our students, teachers, staff to maintain the highest standards It is our KARMA YOGA and a Dharma for us. The foundation provides a platform for holistic health by way of our O?kara? Health Care activity, with educating young people to be conscious, professional Therapists, designing youth and women empowerment and social transformations within the confines of our tradition and the activities of the trust.

We welcome you as a seeker and hope you will begin your journey with us and enjoy and learn from what we offer you in our understanding of the journey in life. Our courses and programs have been designed with utmost care for the varied interests of the erstwhile Yoga seekers around the globe. Allow us to take care of you and be your guide in this journey you seek. We will be your guide and constant companion on this road.

We are to provide the solutions for betterment of every seeker�s life through ancient and modern Science and art of Yoga, to heal and rejuvenate. Our Organization determine to implement the teachings and works of Ancient (Vedic) and Modern life science for better and blissful living. We are providing practical combination of science and art for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Yoga is the Ancient Science and Art of living, which balance materialistic and spiritualistic way of living. Knowledge and Application of Satha-Darshana (6 schools of Indian Philosophy), Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Vedic Anatomy & Physiology, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Vedic rituals to live healthy, happy and in harmony. Mandiram means in Sanskrit Temple, abode of god, place for devotion and worship.

O?kara? Yoga Mandira? is a Gurukulam of practice, learning, Experiencing what really Yoga and Understand it with the modern science. Yoga Mandiram life emphasizes on an expansion of awareness and divinity within our self. It enables one to overcome the �ego� � �i� and gradually connect to Higher Self �I� realize the real purpose of life
Art and Science of Action Karma Yoga forms the basis of Mandirm life. Karma Yoga means action in relaxations always working towards perfection in one�s thoughts, words and deeds. Mandiram life enhances our personality by helping us to realize our inherent weaknesses and providing an opportunity to change our outlook and actions. NISHKAM KARMA YOGA: It's ACTION without expectations.

Omkarah Yoga Mandiram Symbol Omkarah Yoga Mandiram is all about the traditional system of parampara where knowledge is handed down orally from teacher to student by spiritual highly qualified teachers of the Gurukulam. Omkarah Yoga dedicates its work to O?kara?, the manifestation of Super Consciousness as the Supreme Teacher. We do not follow any single person, just acharyas who teach and propagate the knowledge and practice in the right way of the tradition. We are not into any commercialization of our tradition and set the highest standards possible in our work and action. We sincerely believe that in today's world it's impossible to find a revered Guru of such a stature easily to be guided. We believe if there is to be one he will seek us out individually for this is rare as it is for highly enlightened and evolved souls.
For others it's still a journey to accomplish to come to such a level. Within India and outside the wave of Yoga and Ayurveda has destroyed the essence of the practice and is in the hands of many who simply have no idea of this tradition and practice.
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Come, Learn, Practice, Experience & Believe.