Our Students Experience


I was practicing yoga from a long time and learned yoga before from some teachers in China , teachers trained me only in Flexibility and Stretching and yoga at only physical level, due to that I was lacking in strength, stamina, power and control. At omkarah yoga mandiram teacher found out my weakness let me overcome them and I learned the practice and philosophy of Yoga In-depth beyond physical level.

Xu Cuiliang- China

It was a really a great experience to learn from such a great teachers who are having such a vast knowledge of Yoga. It was a enlightening and mind opening course for me.

Song Ying - China

Amazing learning and challenging practice with great masters in 200 hours teacher training course at Xiamen china. The way they explain and teach is very scientific and traditional. I learned aliments, adjustments, corrections and helping techniques of Asanas with the limitations, benefits, therapeutic application of Yoga.

Dong Tiantian - China

200 hours Yoga teacher Training course conducted by Omkarah Yoga Mandriam proved to be a boon for my life. In one word miracle happened in my life. Before join Yoga teacher Training course with Omkarah Yoga Mandiram I had many health issues like back pain, stomach upset, pain during menstruation, My teacher gave me special time and therapy classes apart from the course to heal and manage my problems, now I my fine and more happy and peace full. It is the best school of yoga to do Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India

Feng Shuting - China

I was teaching and practicing yoga from a long time, I did yoga therapy training program with Omkarah Yoga Mandiram it opened completely new horizons and dimensions of yoga to me. I Realized how much things I was teaching and practicing wrong. I acquired deep understanding about science of illness and management of disease, alignments and adjustments of asanas, management of disease through yoga therapy.

Rui Shi - China

I did my 200 Hours physical Yoga Teacher Training Course with Omkarah Yoga Mandiram at Xiamen, China. I learnt alot about science and art of Asanas, Aliments, adjustments and relaxation.

I recommend to you all it will be the best course for you if you are taking yoga as sports and Exercise. I am very much satisfied with the way of teaching and knowledge of my teachers.

Peng Xia China