Why us Uniqueness

What make us the best Yoga School?
Our dedication to teach Yoga as Transformative Science for complete personality development
Our knowledge let you understand yoga all aspects of yoga through scientific approach.
Our experience to guide on real path of yoga, realize and reach ultimate goal of Yoga safely.
We teach yoga as lifestyle to live happy and healthy every movement of your life.

Understand the Yoga and Spirituality through the scientific and modern prospective, learn and practice yoga in ancient and traditional way with the highly qualified, experienced Yoga Professionals teachers and Yoga therapist. Systemically and scientifically designed yoga teacher training courses. Let you grow in your Knowledge and Practice of Yoga. We work and teach Yoga for all the level of human existence Body, Energy, Mind, Intellect and Soul. We merged all ancient traditions of yoga and teaching of all the great Yoga masters, essence of all the yoga and spiritual scriptures.

What makes Omkarah Yoga Mandiram Best & Unique among other Yoga schools

Temple of Yoga for highest learning and practice.

Category Omkarah Yoga Mandiram Other Yoga Schools
Establishment and management Yoga mandiram Established and managed by a team of dedicated Yoga Masters who learnt yoga from Traditional Yoga Guru under strict guidance. Many other schools are run by online marketing people, hotel businessman, travel agents.
Environment Yoga mandiram provides Ashram like environment which is best for yoga learning and personal development. Other schools may conduct classes in hotels or guest houses where environment might not be yoga friendly.
Accommodation We provide neat, clean and Air ventilated rooms with all the modern facilities including clean blankets, bed sheets, and attached bathrooms with hot water facility. Others schools provide rooms could be of small size, smelly, dark, old and unhygienic.
Locality Yoga mandiram located near to the banks of river Ganga, gives a beautiful view of the mountains and away from noisy roads or market. Other Schools might be located in populated and polluted area near to roads, market and crowded by other buildings students are unable to get peaceful environment.
Food and Drinks We provide delicious, nutritious, yogic vegetarian and vegan diet three times a day including herbal drinks for purification and rejuvenation. Other schools might provide salty, spicy, oily and unhygienic food having no nutritious value as required in daily diet. Extra for drinks or food are charged.
Fee and Scholarship We provide scholarships to our students. We are having economical fees structure which is utilized for charitable purposes. Other Schools are business oriented, only motive is to earn money. Course fees are very high.
Medical Facility In case of Emergency we arrange Medical Doctor or take student to hospital. Other Schools do not provide medical facilities.
Convince Spacious Accommodation, dining hall, yoga hall in the same locations. Yoga hall might be very small, not enough to accommodate all students or distance cause inconvenience to the students.
Adventure and Culture On Sundays tours are organized for ashram visit, river rafting, trekking, visiting waterfalls, ganga aarti all is included in the course fee. Indian Festivals are celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. In other schools such adventures and cultural activities are organised.
Motive Omkarah Yoga mandiram is non profit organisation working for Nobel cause to teach yoga in its purest for complete transformation. Fees are utilized for charity works. Others schools runs on as business house, no attention is given to student development and transformation.
Attitude We see in every student as spark of that divine universal consciousness, we treat them as seekers. In other schools students are seen and treated as customers

Our Teachers

Qualification All our yoga teachers have been disciple of renowned Yoga gurus spending many years of their lives in ashrams. Our teachers have Bachelor, Master or doctorate degree of Yoga. Teacher did only one or two month teacher training courses from local unqualified teacher and no experience of yoga.
Mastery of Subject We are all having highest qualified teacher having complete knowledge of yoga, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy apply it in their main subject of teaching to give student whole all idea about topic in all dimensions. Other schools have one teacher who takes all subjects without complete knowledge. Or there will be many teachers who teach only one subject and having limited or less knowledge about it not able to explain yoga and correlate with science.
English Language All teachers are good in English speaking and writing to let understand the subject. Teachers unable to understand and speak English properly so unable to understand student’s doubts and express their views correctly.
Experience Our teachers are having experience of teaching yoga to students of all age groups, different nations for minimum 2 years to 15 Years. Other school higher teacher on very low salary, that is why mostly of them fresher and do not have qualification and experience of teaching.
Personal Practice Our Yoga master started their practice of yoga in early age, so having practice of many years and share their experience with you and still they continue their daily practice. Other school teacher started teaching after practice for few months and never do their daily practice.
Yoga Therapy All over teacher are Experienced yoga therapist who did profession degree in yoga Therapy and train under team of Medical doctors so have complete knowledge of every yoga practice it contraindication and benefit in all kind of physical and mental disorder, so help you in overcome your health problems. Other yoga school in rishikesh do not have teacher who have knowledge of therapy so teach wrong practice to students cause serious injuries and increase your health problems.

Teaching Techniques and Methodology

Yoga Styles We teach both dynamic and static yoga styles. All the styles of yoga like Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Shivananda, Iyenger Yoga. Teach only one or two styles of yoga.
Lesson Plan Systematic and scientifically designed lesson plans to take students from beginning to advance level. Other schools do not have any lesson plan so the teachers are teach any subject they like. same kind of practice class every day.
Yoga anatomy and Physiology Only we teach Anatomy and physiology of yogic practices, yoga combined with human anatomy and yoga according to laws of physics and gravity. Only give basic anatomy few classes do not teach yoga as per anatomy.
Adjustment, Alignments and corrections We are conduct adjustments, alignments and helping techniques according to human anatomy for safe practice. No other yoga school in rishikesh teach alignments and adjustment classes.
Ayurveda We deliver lectures on Ayurveda to understand the body constitution and do yoga practice according to Individual body type. Other school not do have classes on Ayurveda and combined with yoga.
Promote Technology We are using Audio, Video, Visual technology to for easy and effective learning to enhance quality of teaching. Other Schools may use only white board or black boards.
Training students as Teachers We give chance to every student to become teacher in our supervision and give feedbacks to improve your teaching. In other schools students do not get chance to teach and supervised by teachers.
Use of Props We teach to our students to use different types of props for correct alignment to avoid injuries and faster improvement. In other schools do not use props at all.
Modification of Asana We teach variations and modifications according to individual needs of students. Other school teach only one kind practice without judging the individual needs of students cause injuries to students.