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Yogacharya Karamjit Singh

Masters (M.Sc) in yogic science
Yoga Instructor courses
Yoga Vedanta Course
Yoga Teacher Training Course
Yoga Acharya Karamjit is one of the upcoming authorities and researcher in Yoga. He received his initial training from his mother and father and was followed by formal training and study in Yoga with Swami Vivekananda Yoga University and subsequently earned his Master in Yoga Science (M.Sc) and continued his practice on Yoga and Vedanta with the Divine Life Society at Rishikesh.
He worked as a Yoga Therapist at SVYASA in Ayurveda and Naturopathy Hospital before embarking and continuing in his spiritual practice of Yoga. He worked with patients of different diseases giving Yoga Therapy as Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, Meditations and Yoga philosophy for the healing process. He has experiences as a Yoga Therapist in Cardiology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Neurology, Digestive Disorders, Psychiatric Disorders, Back & Neck Pain, Obesity, Promotion to Positive Health and in Arthritis and Joint Disorders.

He is now a YOGAACHARYA of O?kara? Yoga Mandira? and a member of the Governing Body. He is the example of the next generation of traditional YOGA TEACHER'S that meets the needs of today's Complementary and Alternative Medicine practices and discipline within the frame work of traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha therapy practices for the well-being of human beings that meets the body's and the minds needs to be healthy and spiritual to help people in safety and efficacy to show them a way.

He applies his knowledge experience and practice to the wide knowledge of Yogic philosophy, therapy and practice to heal, purify and harmonize the five sheaths of existence, overcome physical and mental pain, sorrow and sufferings of humanity. To serve people to realise the importance of Yoga to achieve peace, joy and harmony within and in society and more so in one's life.

He has born and brought up in such a family whose roots are deeply emerged with Yogi's lineage, his ancestors built a monastery in Haryana state of India for wandering monks, sanyasies, yogis to stay and practice Yoga. His forefathers served Yoga community for more than a decade. He has been practicing yoga from childhood, learned bhakti yoga form her mother and Karma yoga form the Father, hatha yoga learned from many great masters and teaching Yoga since a long time, he had worked as Yoga Therapist in the Yoga, Ayurveda and Nature cure hospital. He learnt basics of yoga from a wandering monk, since childhood he stayed and practiced yoga under the revered Monks & Yogis in Monastery, he learnt and practiced Asthanga Vinyasa in Mysore, Yoga-Vedanta from Rishikesh, toured and stayed in many monasteries all over the India.
As a real shadaka he did intensive shadhana for many years, during meditation he got the massage form the Divine to establish an Organisation for people welfare in which all the ancient wisdom and modern science from all over the world, will provided at one place so the people will get the best solution for their problems. To complete this mission he given his life and working in this direction with full dedication and devotion.

His wish We have to Rediscover, Collect, Record, Save & Share all the Ancient and modern Science & Art for welfare of every being, for now & Future, many of the great science and art where destroyed because of not sharing, ignorance and war, which is a great loss of all humanity.

Since childhood he was evolved in various sports activities and participated in number of competition in yoga, wrestling, judo, gymnastics, football, basketball etc.
Theatre Acting and theatre is one of his passion from college days, he participated, directed various plays, skits, mimes, dramas. Worked as anchor in various events.


Yogini Song Yanhua

Bachelor in Physical Science from Beijing sports University, 2003.
Yoga Instructor Course from SVYASA Yoga University Bangalore, 2011.
M.Sc. in Yoga Science from SVYASA Yoga University Bangalore, 2013.

Song Yanhua started the practice of Chinese ancient arts like TAI CHI, QIGONG and WUSHU from the childhood. She has great understanding of Chinese Ancient tradition as she studied in Beijing sports university have the well knowledge of modern science. She was practicing yoga from 1999 and teaching since 2007 in University. She is great Karma Yogini and performing her duties and responsibility with faith and dedication.

She is highly experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist taught and given therapy to thousands of students and patients. She apply her in depth knowledge of Ancient India and Chinese cultures combined with modern science. Now she is giving her service to humanity in China.


Yogacharya Swadesh

Advacned Shat Kriya and Shivananda Yoga Teacher
� B.Sc. in Yoga & Education from Swami Vivekananda Yoga University, Bangalore, India.
� Diploma in Yoga from Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar, Uttarakhanda, India.
� Certificate Course in Yoga studies from Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, Bihar, India.
� Certificate Course in Yoga from Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
� Re- orientation course in Yoga from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi, India.
� Yoga Instructors Course at Swami Vivekananda Yoga University, Bangalore, India.
� Yoga Certificate course at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.
� Yoga-Vedanta course from Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.
� Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC) from Sivananda Meenakshi Ashram, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

• Organized Yoga Camps in several states of India to promote Yoga for 18 years.
• Organized Yoga Classes in many schools for Yoga Awareness among students.
• Lead Yoga Therapist in Sunrise Chandra Naturopathy Health Resort, Jaipur.
• Yoga Teacher for one and half years in Scholars Public School, Morena, M. P.
• Yoga Therapist in Niramaya Naturopathy Center, Morena, M. P.
• Yoga Expert in Fitness Mantra Program on Total T.V. News Channel.
• Yoga Therapist (fitness) on a Jain T.V. News Channel.
• Personal Health Consultant to many VIPs & celebrities in India.
• Spent a few years in the Himalayas for personal Spiritual Practices.
• Yoga Teacher in Yoga Vidya retreat in Cochin, Kerala & Dharmashala H.P.
• Conducted Yoga Workshops in other countries (i.e, Israel & Phalestine).

He is the Founder member of our organisation, having more than 25 years of experience in the field of Yoga & Naturopathy, he travelled many countries mainly middle east to spread the knowledge of Yoga. He born and brought up in highly renowned Brahmin family in Uttar-Pradesh a northern state of India, in childhood his family made him a part of a group of wandering monks, he was travelling with them all over India as a brahmchari, he did all pilgrimage with them and learnt a lot about Yogic science from real masters, at the age of 15 he became the master of Hatha Yoga, He was able to perform very mystic kriyas like Vajroli in the very early age.

Later he went to many yoga monasteries and Yoga universities like- Bihar school of Yoga, Kaivalyadhama, SVYASA, Sivananda yoga ashram Rishikesh, Sivananda yoga Neiyyar dam Kerala, Dharmshala, to know about modern aspect of yoga & its application. He is a guest faculty in many yoga schools, his aim of life to make youth mentally, physically and morally strong, get them out of bad habits, and inject good habits or samskara into them through proper Yoga education and cultural synthesis.


Yogi Dhirendra Sharma

He is a Founder member of our organisation, operating his huge Yoga expertise with traditional and scientific approach, his core subject is Yoga Science and its application. He born & brought at the land of �HATHA YOGA� The heart place of India, Madhya-Pradesh, in a very prestigious Brahmin family which was renowned for great Yogis, his family members are still descendent of Siddhas, his elder Brother still dealing with the spiritual powers and mother also a spiritual healer.

He is a great practicenor of Tantra, by the birth he knew the practices of Yoga, up to 16 years of education he studied science while practicing Yoga, and later his Guru from Rishikesh ordered him to study Yogic science thoroughly and suggested to work on its scientific method to pursue health and hygiene for society. He started his yogic life while wandering with the yogis to understand the traditional way, during this time he worked on addiction & Psychological disturbances, HIV etc.

He studied Vedic science & its mutual application as a yoga therapy, practical application of Ayurveda and Naturopathy in the context of Yoga, he worked in S.A.D.T. Yogic health care centre lonavala, and Pravara Medical University, as a yoga therapist, as a freelancer Yoga therapist he worked in Mumbai. later he moved on to Rishikesh to study Yoga-Vedanta, he toured and stayed in all prominent Yoga Ashrams and Universities for a time being afterwards he started teaching and training globally. He went to Srilanka, Dubai to teach yoga and life science.


Bharat Sharma

BHARAT was a media planner, his love towards Indian culture and Vedic heritage brought him into the field of Yoga. He wandered in the search of real traditional yoga, went to many Ashrams to learn from different masters. He born and brought up in traditional Brahmin family in U.P. northern India, his bachelor in Science and masters in media planning gave him a balance in the field of yoga research, his skills in yoga research made him a lime light person where ever he studied and worked.

He did his Masters in Yogic Science, PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy, PG Diploma in Yoga Education, Diploma in Yoga from highly recognised Yoga Institutes & Universities like- SVYAS, Kaivalyadhama, Bihar School of Yoga and Annamalai University.
Working in Corporate gave him good experience to face Stress full life style, later he developed remarkable yogic techniques for stress management, and still he is developing new tools to handle youth�s problem in daily life from the ancient Vedic scriptures, currently he is working on the combination of Pranic Healing and acupressure, he has good name among yoga Therapist cum Philosopher.


Dr. Abhay S. Keste

Iyenger Yoga teacher
Guest Teacher
Qualification: B.H.M.S (Bachelor of Homeopathic medicine and Surgery)
He is an Iyengar Yoga teacher by profession having a degree in B.H.M.S. (BACHELOR OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY). After completing this degree in 1994, he took up the yoga training at RAMAMANI IYENGAR MEMORIAL YOGA INSTITUTE (RIMYI) PUNE -INDIA for two years. He often visit RIMYI to refresh my knowledge. He is practicing Iyengar yoga from his childhood under my father’s guidance who has been practicing Iyengar yoga from last 25 years.

He is conducting general classes as well as medical classes for those who are suffering from various diseases, disabled and for old people.
His other accomplishments:
· He had been to medical & other institutions to demonstrate and teach YOGA on certain occasions like WORLD DIABETES DAY and CENTRAL EXCISE DAY.
· He had been to many schools to teach children on the occasions such as annual sports and summer vacation classes
· He had been to various engineering factories to demonstrate and teach the importance of yoga.
· Conducted classes for National Cadet Cops (NCC) where the student count was around 400.
· Conducted classes for Doctors at INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.
Himself being a homeopathic doctor he has in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. His medical background along with BKS Iyenger-way yoga helps me to treat people suffering from diseases like Blood pressure, Diabetes, PID, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Migraine, Paralysis, IBS, Piles, and Constipation etc by the art of yoga only. His focus these days is mainly towards medical treatment using his own developed instrument.


Abhishek Singh

Yoga Teacher
Qualification: Bachelor degree in yoga
He is born in the Yoga and Spiritual city Hardwar. He is practicing yoga from the childhood. He has demonstrated advanced yoga asanas worldwide in many events.

His Achievements and Awards
Continuously 8 Times State Gold Medalist in Yoga Championship in 2002 to 2013.
Continuously 9 times Gold Medalist in Open State Yoga Champion 2003 to 2014.
Achieving Best Yoga Physique FROM Gold Gym in 2013.
Participating in 18 National Yoga Championship.
Winning 1st & 3rd Position in All India National Yoga Championship in 2008 & 2010.
Attending many Yoga National & International Conference.
Indian Govt. Ayush Department Yoga Teaching Experience in 2015.
Getting 2 Times Continuously Mr. Uttrakhand Body Building Championship in 2014 & 2015 (Registered under Society Act 1860)
Have bodybuilding fitness wellness instructor experience.

Teaching Yoga Experience for 4 years in:
Intermediate school to children for 3 years.
YTTC with Om Yoga Ashram Meclod Ganj Himanchala for 1 to 30 July 2015 in India
YTTC as a Astanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher with Shri Jasnath Asam Panchla Siddha Nagor in for 1 to 31st October 2015 in India.
YTTC with universe yoga alliance in 1st to 31st March 2014 in India
international Teaching in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and vinyasa flow and acro yoga in bali,lombok island ( indonesia.)