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Reviews On Omkarah Yoga Mandiram

“I finally have found a studio that is so welcoming and makes me feel happy and excited to work out. Everyone is so wonderful and supportive. I’m getting fit and just gaining so much more confidence.”

Carrie Zakrocki

“Joyful Yoga is a place where you can be yourself and work on improving without feeling judged. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful! Such a great selection of classes! I’m getting much more confidence.”

Megan Nicole

“I have always wanted to try yoga. I was confused about the different options. I thought I might be too old! It is so wonderful to discover your studio, and quite close to home, with super convenient class times for my New to Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes. They are not only great for beginners but can be as advanced as you care to make them and give you a sense of the philosophy that has been behind yoga for centuries. ”

Angi Sanchez James

“Truly one of the best fitness studios I’ve found since moving to Arizona… I’ve only been able to try a few of the classes but I’ve felt very welcome and comfortable at all of them. I love that this place attracts a range of ages and sizes, and both men and women. I think the prices are pretty reasonable and the people who run the studio take their job seriously and really care about their customers and their business.”

Rose L. Phoenix

“I have been to a few classes here and really enjoy this environment. Staff and other practitioners are all friendly. It feels like true, genuine yoga. I have seen yoga change a lot with the increased popularity of it and certain retailers coming on the scene. Joyful Yoga is not a competitive environment, it’s soft and welcoming the way yoga is supposed to be! Thank you for being true to yoga!! I have really loved the classes I have taken there! All the teachers have been wonderful! Makes it easy for me to get there with a crazy schedule! Thank you ”

Christy Parker

“I find that for me, I need a wide variety of different exercise options to choose from, and that makes me more successful. I also notice that keeping track on a calendar makes me more committed to doing things. When I get the monthly schedule from Joyful Yoga Studio, I take the calendar down off the wall, and write in what days I am going to do what classes or activities to do something every day. It serves 3 purposes.  Yes, I realize I am a lot more organized that a lot of people, I just do what works for me.”

Meghan D. Scottsdale

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