Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

Yoga teacher training in Kerala, India Omkarah Yoga Mandiram registered Best Yoga Teacher Training school in India as RYS 200, RYS 300, RYS 500 with Yoga Alliance USA conducts 200 hour yoga teacher training Kerala India, 300 hour yoga teacher training Kerala India (RYT 300-Hour yoga) , 500-hour yoga teacher training Kerala India (RYT 500-Hour yoga) yoga TTC Yoga for beginners Course Kerala, intermediate, Advanced yoga.

omkarah yoga is best Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala due to exposure to Multi styles of yoga Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Karma, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Prenatal Postnatal Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.

OYM offers Yoga therapy course for common disorders, Yoga Therapy Course for women Problems, Yoga Therapy for Spinal problems, 1000 hours Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Courses. During Yoga TTC in India Professional Benefits: Acquiring traditional and scientific knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of yoga to become an internationally certified yoga teacher and yoga Therapist; RYT 200, RYT 300 and RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance USA.

Aims & Objective

At Omakarah Yoga Mandiram, our intention is to apply the science of yoga by adapting the traditional knowledge of Indian Masters to suit our times, while taking care to preserve the essence of their teachings. Yoga is about discovering your true nature through your own personal experience. We want to provide a transforming experience and focus on the subtler aspects of Yoga, not only covering the asanas, but going beyond to enhance your understanding of yoga.

Our Yoga does not end at the yoga hall, it leads to personal revelations, changes and then transformation. We believe our teacher training programs will help you initiate this chain of self-transformation. Those who are already initiated will be able to hone their practice of yoga and sharpen their perceptions about yogic philosophy and meditation.

Personal Benefit: Yogic way of life for achieving health and wellbeing with personality growth at physical, mental and spiritual levels, purification, rejuvenation, relaxation, emotional healing, inner transformation, achieve eternal joy, peace, satisfaction and finding the goal of your life to make life a celebration. Yoga Teacher Training Course in India locations – Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Goa, Kerala Yoga TTC world Wide – China, Nepal, Bali

Destination of Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

A destination streamlined with the cleanest beaches, crystalline sand dunes, soul-quenching backwaters, exquisite flora and fauna – the mesmeric town of Kerala has always been eminent for its bountiful resources, natural reserves and, of course the science of yoga and Ayurveda, including the very infamous martial art form, of which this land is the origin – Kalaripayattu.

The birth mother of Ayurveda rewards a soul with the ideal environment and resources for deep internal self-reflection, and for undergoing a complete transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. A Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kerala at the best Yoga Schools in Kerala introduces the practitioner to the gifts that can only be relished for a lifetime.

We always has been fond of this place for its sanguineness and healing treasures. Acknowledging these facts, we have set up another wing in the Varkala region of Kerala from where we impart the most authentic and refined teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga to our students.

The town offers the ideal ambiance, appropriate resources, and widely honoured yoga teachers for imparting the education of yoga to the students through the renowned Yoga Certification Courses in Kerala.

How to Reach in Kerala

By Airplane

Trivandrum international airport is located in the southern part of the state. The Kochi International airport is located in the center part of the state. The Calicut international airport is located in the north of the state and it is the most commonly used airport by international travelers.

By Train

Many important cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Bangalore to different parts of Kerala. Major railway stations in Kerala are located at Trivandrum, Kovalam, Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Ernakulam, Kasargod, Kottyam and others.

By Road

Kerala is well connected via three highways. The state is connected through NH 49, NH 47, NH 17. It is also connected with all surrounding states via well-laid roads. You can find private and government buses running to Kerala from many important states and cities in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How could I Apply for this Course?
Apply for the course by filling the short application form and send it to us.
Do I need prior experience before joining the course?

No, you do not require any experience before joining the Yoga Teacher training course. But you should be aware of yoga and have a little idea about the same. Practicing yoga a few months before the training is advisable.

After completing the course, would I be able to teach yoga anywhere?

Yes, with the certificate of the RYT 200, 300 OR 500 you would be eligible to teach yoga anywhere in the world, and get registered with the Yoga Alliance USA. The Yoga Alliance USA is a very reputed organization to get registered as a professional yoga teacher.

I want to deepen my yoga practice, is the Yoga Teacher Training course right for me?

The Yoga Teacher Training course is designed in a way that you would find yourself going deeper into your practice with each passing day. Each form and style of yoga is taught in detail and with great precision.

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